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GALLETALANDIA/ COOKIELAND by Usagichibichan GALLETALANDIA/ COOKIELAND :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 2 1 Img 20130912 152700 by Usagichibichan Img 20130912 152700 :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 1 2 SWEET DEATH by Usagichibichan SWEET DEATH :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 2 8 NIGHTMARE SEASON by Usagichibichan NIGHTMARE SEASON :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 5 8 CHARLOTTE CHIBI by Usagichibichan CHARLOTTE CHIBI :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 0 4 LENA by Usagichibichan LENA :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 1 2 ANII by Usagichibichan ANII :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 1 6 CHARLOTTE by Usagichibichan CHARLOTTE :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 4 8 CHARLOTTE by Usagichibichan CHARLOTTE :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 2 4 NEVE CAMELOT by Usagichibichan NEVE CAMELOT :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 0 4 The Witch by Usagichibichan The Witch :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 0 6 MY NOTEBOOK OF PLASTIC by Usagichibichan MY NOTEBOOK OF PLASTIC :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 9 5 THAT MONAD by Usagichibichan THAT MONAD :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 1 4 THE BAST by Usagichibichan THE BAST :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 4 13 THE FAIRY LOST by Usagichibichan THE FAIRY LOST :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 2 2 Dreams should always be followed, is not it? by Usagichibichan Dreams should always be followed, is not it? :iconusagichibichan:Usagichibichan 4 7


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TAGGED BY :iconrosillusionneplz:


1. You must post these rules (very, VERY Important )
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new
questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."

1.  What's your favorite art tool ?
I think my favorite is the pencil,

2. Why did you start drawing?
a friend encouraged me to start drawing, also in summer I have much time to draw, I can develop my ideas...LOVE DRAWING!!!

3. What do you think of cosplay?
I really like cosplay, I have a couple (of bad quality XD) I  hope to someday become a quality cosplays

4. Do you believe in ghosts? (have you ever seen one? XD)
YES...  I think

5. Do you parent teach you to give money to beggar in the street or to ignore
them?whenever I can I try to give  to beggars (though my parents did not find it very good)

6. Are you effraid by a certain animal? Which one?
mmm ... you mean scared, yes, snakes, spiders, and ... bees and mosquitoes

7. Have you ever made a premonitory dream? If no, do you think it's possible?
I think... yes, a one day,  a day very strange

8. Do you still sleep with plushes?
YEEES!!! :meow:
3 plushes, a puppy: toby
a dolphin: Flipy
and a donkey: lola

9. What are your favorite clothes?
jeans, skirts (normal, not short, short), plaid shirts, long shirts ....

10. Do you like tags? 8D
YEEEEES, is very funny


1. ¿Cuál es tu herramienta de arte favorita?
Creo que mi favorito es el lápiz, dibujo tradicional,  no se me da bien el digital

2. ¿Por qué empezaste a dibujar?
una amiga me animó a empezar a dibujar, también en verano tengo mucho tiempo para dibujar, puedo desarrollar mis ideas ...  AMO EL DIBUJO  !!!

3. ¿Qué opinas del cosplay?
Me gusta mucho cosplay, tengo un par (de mala calidad XD) espero llegar a ser algún día un cosplays de calidad

4. ¿Crees en fantasmas? (¿alguna vez has visto uno? XD)
SI ... Creo que

5. ¿Usted los padres le enseñan a dar dinero a los mendigos en la calle o hacer caso omiso a la
ellos? cada vez que puedo trato de dar a los mendigos (aunque mis padres no les resulta muy bueno)

6. ¿Está usted effraid por un animal determinado? ¿Cuál?
mmm ...  quieres decir miedo, sí, serpientes, arañas y ... las abejas y mosquitos

7. ¿Alguna vez has hecho un sueño premonitorio? Si no, ¿cree usted que es posible?
Creo que ... sí, un día, un día muy extraño

8. ¿Todavía dormir con peluches?
YEEES! :meow:
3 felpas, un cachorro: Toby
un delfín: Flipy
y una burrita: lola

9. ¿Cuáles son sus prendas favoritas?
vaqueros, faldas (normal, no corto, corto), camisas a cuadros, camisas largas ....

10. ¿Te gustan las etiquetas? 8D
siiiiii, es muy divertido


:iconlarcdesbach: :iconnahieta:
:iconmissshanna:          :iconaiko-desu:
:iconlaupicero:                   :icon3ghosts:
:iconmariiceve:   :iconredenfilade:
:iconmante-ko:            :iconshaymon:

my questions:

1 - How did you discover DEVIANT ART?

2 - If you have many clips to do: 1 - you use them as a normal person
       2 - or all together forming a chain?

3 - Do you like sniffing markers?

4 - How many times have you seen "Nightmare Before Christmas"?

5 - How heavy is your bag?

6 - What image do you have in your wallpaper?

7 - How many times have you slept with a book in his face?

8 - Do you have a pet, that animal is ... (if an animal XD)?

9 - Have you ever  have kidnapped someone?  Who?

10 - Do you want to adopt-kidnap me? : meow:


1-¿Cómo descubriste DEVIANT ART?

2-¿Si tienes muchos clips que haces: 1- los usas como un persona normal
      2- o los juntas todos formando una cadena?

3-¿Te gusta oler rotuladores?

4-¿Cuantas veces has visto "Pesadilla antes de Navidad"?

5-¿Cuanto pesa tu mochila?

6-¿Que imagen tienes en tu fondo de pantalla?

7-¿Cuanta veces te has dormido con un libro en la cara?

8-¿tienes mascota, que animal es... (si es un animal XD)?

9-¿alguna vez, has secuestrado a alguien?¿a quien?

10-¿Quieres adoptarme-secuestrarme? :meow:

WELL... this is my first TAGG, THANK  :iconrosiluna:  AND ALL THE PEOPLE


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